Saturday, March 24, 2007

Go Israel!!

Photo by Mark

Israel's playing England this evening in a Soccer match at the Ramat Gan Stadium, Israel. It's very exciting and as you can see from the photo above, the festivities have begun! A big welcome to all the English football fans. I hope you're having a good time here in Israel. And I also want to wish the Israeli team luck - go Israel - behatzlaha!!!!


Chuckeroon said...

Fat Boy and Slim together, but I see no deer here either. :-) Mandi, believe me I'm trying, but they are hiding and CDP is such a demanding hobby.....Please Mandi, Please Mandi, just BELIEVE in me!!!

Icarus said...

So you did manage to find them!Mostly Fat Boy. If they didn't have England shirts, you'd always still recognise them because the purpose of at least one hand is to hold a glass of beer. Or 2.
Very creditable draw for Israel. More mediocrity from Ingerland. All round, a nice result.

Carlos said...

Hi Mandi,
Thanks for your visit to my place. You have nice pictures. Tel Aviv seems a wonderful place. BTW, great result against England (sorry Stewart). Excepcionally, I went to the football today to see Portugal vs Belgium (Portugal won by 4-0).