Thursday, March 15, 2007

Back to the trains


Dsole said...

how did you called to this trains in english? double decker trains?
We have it there too... oh, I used to get sleep in at the second.. there is a soft background music which makes your trip very confortable (sometimes) ;)

Mandi said...

Hi Dsole, yes they're double decker trains. And they're very efficient.

Icarus said...

Mah shlomech mandi. Todah rabah for your welcome visit to Portugal today!
We also have these double-decker suburban trains, but where do these run to/from? Jerusalem? Haifa? A long time ago, I took the Haifa-Tel Aviv train a few times, but there were more buses. Or cars & trucks for hitching. Is that still the big deal itused to be there?
Shalom veh le'hitraot! Sxxx

Chuckeroon said...

Tks for dropping in again on Richmond u T. Thursday last I went out to the Park at 07.00 to catch a deer..........NOT ONE...all hiding!!!!!!!!!! The things I do for you.

Forgive me: but even though a world traveller I never thought of Israel as having double deck trains!! I should look closer at my atlas.