Monday, June 18, 2007

Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center

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Here is another view (the first photo was taken in February) of the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, which is home to the New Israeli Opera Company, the Israeli Ballet and the Cameri Theatre.


RamblingRound said...

Very attractive entrance. I hope you get to attend some of the events there.

Bergson said...

I adore this building and the framing of the photograph which you


Irina said...

I wonder if artists like being housed in such a 'modern-styled' building or would they rather prefer traditional form of a theatre?

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving comments! I appreciate it.

Sally OGrady said...

Hi Mandi,
Here is a strange question - I would like to ask permission to use this fabulous photo as part of a US TV segment on concerts in Israel. Are you intersted?
I Would love to hear from you.
You can reach me at