Monday, July 9, 2007


Anonymous said...

Looks like a sail boat way out on the horizon. Nice photo of the scene.
Brookville Daily Photo

RUTH said...

The sea looks lovely. We actually had a few days of sun here!

Lilly said...

one word - jealous.

Chris in Madison said...

This looks a lot like one of Kala's Honolulu photos - beautiful blue sea & skies.

blueboat said...

oh this looks gorgeous, there's nothing so lovely as mediterranean blue...

Rafi G said...

why no new pictures?

travelphilippines said...

thats the perfect place to escape the hot weather.

GMG said...

Holiday or travelling? We miss your pictures. Went to the beach this weekend: windy, and cold water. What a weird summer...

Steve Buser said...

A la Jilly. Two words here.
Jealous. Jealous
--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Chuckeroon said...

Hi Mandy! Are you over here hunting for deer?

SCS said...

E a curiosidade lança-me em escada.

A conjugação de cores assume o efeito da terapia.

Boas sensações sempre que aqui venho,
Vira Vento.

Keropok Man said...

you took a long swim did you?

it's been almost a month! :-)

Just Me said...

Love the pictures!! I will be over there five weeks from today! I'm so excited!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place! I so want to be there.

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Anonymous said...

Been there today...wonderful weather, great sea
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JB said...

I have a blog with nice pictures from all over the world that people take when they are on holiday or just when they want to share the beauty of the place they are kiving in. I saw some nice pictures on your blog, would you be ok to send me a few so I could add them?
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Anu said...

The beach photo is beautiful and the sea here is inviting. Great photo of the lovely blue waters.

Anonymous said...

Muy buena imagen, que lindo lugar, es en tel aviv? si tenes ganas y tiempo podes pasarte por mi blog, agradeceria ...



AmiV said...

If you want to read a little about what is going in Tel Aviv go to the blog: ~ I try to tell a small story about something in the city. The daily photo is wonderful! //AmiV

Chas Newkey-Burden said...

1) Where have you been all my life?

2) It's so cold in the UK, but your photos warm me up!

3) I love Tel Aviv. Came in 2006 and cannot wait to come again.

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Nice photo of the scene.
Looks like a sail boat way out on the horizon.
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Anonymous said...

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heph said...

beautiful beach

Jimmy said...

Left my soul there, down by the sea..

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